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Application Of Perturbed Basic AO to H^+_2 CalculationYara, Asao; Igei, Ryokan; 屋良, 朝夫; 伊芸, 諒寛Dec-1960
On Effecrive Charges of 2pπ-Slater type Atomic Orbitals In π-Electron Molecular Orbital CalculationsYara, Asao; Igei, Ryokan; 屋良, 朝夫; 伊芸, 諒寛Mar-1967
Observation on the Vortex RingsIgei, Ryokan1-Sep-1975
Periodic Wake behind a Circular CylinderArakaki, Giichi; Igei, Ryokan; 新垣, 義一; 伊芸, 諒寛Sep-1978
Construction of Apparatus for NQR ExperimentNiki, Haruo; Ikushima, Yasuo; Kikuchi, Yasuhide; Igei, Ryokan; 二木, 治雄; 幾島, 康夫; 菊池, 泰秀; 伊芸, 諒寛Sep-1983

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