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Protective effects of fractional extracts from Panellus serotinus on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese, diabetic db/db mice.Inafuku, Masashi; Nagao, Koji; Nomura, Saori; Shirouchi, Bungo; Inoue, Nao; Nagamori, Naoki; Nakayama, Hideyuki; Toda, Takayoshi; Yonagaita, Teruyoshi26-Jun-2011
Effect of Mukitake mushroom (Panellus serotinus) on the pathogenesis of lipid abnormalities in obese, diabetic ob/ob mice.Inoue, Nao; Inafuku, Masashi; Shirouchi, Bungo; Nagao, Koji; Yanagita, Teruyoshi14-Feb-2013

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