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Diffusion-weighted MRI and PSA Correlations in Patients with Prostate Cancer Treated with Radiation and Hormonal Therapy伊良波, 裕子; Iraha, Yuko30-Apr-2013
Diffuse Venous Malformation of the Uterus in a Pregnant Woman with Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome Diagnosed by DCE-MRIYara, Nana; Masamoto, Hitoshi; Iraha, Yuko; Wakayama, Akihiko; Chinen, Yukiko; Nitta, Hayase; Kinjo, Tadatsugu; Aoki, Yoichi24-Feb-2016
Fetal Congenital Peripheral Bronchial Atresia Diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging : Two Case ReportsKozaki, Mitsuru; Iraha, Yuko; Masamoto, Hitoshi; Nitta, Hayase; Chinen, Yukiko; Kinjo, Tadatsugu; Mekaru, Keiko; Aoki, YoichiOct-2018

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