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Endocrine mechanism of the Sex Change in the Serial Sex Changing Gobiid Fish Trimma okinawaeKobayashi, Yasuhisa; Nakamura, Masaru2-Dec-2006
[COE研究員の研究紹介]両方向性転換魚オキナワベニハゼの生理学的研究小林, 靖尚; Kobayashi, YasuhisaJul-2006
Molecular cloning and quantitative expression of sexually dimorphic markers Dmrt1 and Foxl2 during female-to-male sex change in honeycomb grouperAlam, Mohammad Ashraful; Kobayashi, Yasuhisa; Horiguchi, Ryo; Nakamura, Masaru; 堀口, 涼; 中村, 將1-Mar-2008
カンモンハタEpinephelus merraの生殖腺刺激ホルモンの遺伝子単離と発現小林, 靖尚; Mohammad, Ashraful Alam; 征矢野, 清; 中村, 將; Kobayashi, Yasuhisa; Mohammad, Ashraful Alam; Nakamura, Masaru6-Mar-2006
雌性先熟魚カンモンハタEpinephelus merraにおける生殖腺刺激ホルモンGtHの役割小林, 靖尚; 中塚, 裕也; 清水, 昭夫; 中村, 將; Kobayashi, Yasuhisa; Nakatuka, Yuya; Shimizu, Akio; Nakamura, Masaru10-Mar-2007

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