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Projection Extension and C-SelectionKurafuji, Takeo; 蔵藤, 健雄Oct-2001
Nominality of Clausal Complements to Factive and Perception VerbsKurafuji, Takeo; 蔵藤, 健雄Mar-2002
A Remark on Argumentation in OT Syntax : Legendre's Analysis of Romanian Verbal CliticsKurafuji, Takeo; 蔵藤, 健雄Feb-2004
A Formal Account of the Epistemic Modal Scale : With Special Reference to Should, Must and Their Japanese CounterpartsKurafuji, Takeo; 蔵藤, 健雄Mar-2004
PARSE (wh) and the Ineffability Problem of Multiple Wh-QuestionsKurafuji, Takeo; 蔵藤, 健雄Mar-2006
最適性理論を用いた形式意味論/語用論の研究蔵藤, 健雄; Kurafuji, TakeoMar-2007
沖縄県における戦略的人材育成としての国際交流システムの開発と外国語教育の連携石川, 隆士; 金城, 宏幸; 蔵藤, 健雄; 東矢, 光代; Ishikawa, Ryuji; Kinjo, Hiroyuki; Kurafuji, Takeo; Toya, MitsuyoMar-2008

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