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Characteristics of Children with Health Impairment and their Education in the Field of Special Support EducationHan, Chang-Wan; Lee, Eun-Ae; Lee, Sun-Hee; Tanaka, Atsushi; 田中, 敦士31-Mar-2012
The Current Situation and Tasks of Services related to special education in South KoreaHAN, Chang-Wan; LEE, Geum-Ju; KIM, Moon-Jung; LEE, Sun-Hee; 韓, 昌完Jun-2012
Study on the Current Status of Multicultural Education in South KoreaHan, Chang-Wan; Lee, Sun-Hee; Kwon, Hae-Jin; Tanaka, Atsushi; 田中, 敦士Aug-2011

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