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On differentiable involutions on homotopy spheresMaehara, Hiroshi30-Jun-1970
On orbit spaces of semi-free SO(2) actionsMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 潤1-Apr-1971
The Second Homology Group of the Quotient Space of a Periodic TransformationMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 濶1-Mar-1973
不動点集合の余次元とホモロジー群前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiDec-1973
The number of endpoints in a random recursive treeMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 濶Jan-1984
A Note on Quotient GraphsMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 濶Feb-1985
A Note on Moon's Problem -- Crossings in Random GraphsMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 濶Feb-1986
離散幾何の総合的研究前原, 濶; 徳重, 典英; 小関, 道夫; 加納, 幹雄; 榎本, 彦衛; 伊藤, 栄明; Maehara, Hiroshi; Tokushige, Norihide; Ozeki, Michio; Kano, Mikio; Enomoto, Hikoe; Itoh, YoshiakiMar-1998
3次元空間内の球の配置の研究前原, 濶; 加藤, 満生; 松本, 修一; 徳重, 典英; Maehara, Hiroshi; Kato, Mitsuo; Matsumoto, Shuichi; Tokushige, NorihideMar-2001
The length of the shortest edge of a graph on a sphereMaehara, HiroshiAug-2002
Observing an angle from various viewpointsMaeda, Yoichi; Maehara, Hiroshi2003
球面上のランダム幾何とその応用前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiMar-2003
Plane graphs with straight edges whose bounded faces are acute trianglesMaehara, HiroshiJul-2003
Distance graphs and rigidityMaehara, Hiroshi2004
On the intersection graph of random caps on a sphereMaehara, HiroshiJul-2004
On the Perimeter of a Triangle in a Minkowski PlaneMaehara, Hiroshi; Zamfirescu, T2005
統計数理はいま…第67回 判断・推測・方法(1)トレーラーを移動する前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiJan-2005
統計数理はいま…第68回 判断・推測・方法(2)流出した石油の量前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiFeb-2005
統計数理はいま…第69回 判断・推測・方法(3)モーターボートと潮流前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiMar-2005
統計数理はいま…第70回 判断・推測・方法(4)角の見かけの大きさ前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiApr-2005
有限点集合の距離と配置の研究前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiMay-2005
統計数理はいま…第71回 判断・推測・方法(5)自転車とヨット前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiMay-2005
統計数理はいま・・・第72回 判断・推測・方法(6)探検隊の問題前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiJun-2005
The problem of thirteen spheres : A proof for undergraduatesMaehara, Hiroshi2006
On a special arrangement of spheresMaehara, Hiroshi; Tokushige, Norihide30-Dec-2006
Inversions and Möbius invariantsMaehara, Hiroshi; 前原, 濶30-Dec-2007
空間内の図形配置の研究前原, 濶; Maehara, HiroshiMay-2008

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