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Assessing the Techno-Economic Impact of Derating Factors on Optimally Tilted Grid-Tied Photovoltaic SystemsMasrur, Hasan; Konneh, Keifa Vamba; Ahmadi, Mikaeel; Khan, Kaisar R.; Othman, Mohammad Lutfi; Senjyu, Tomonobu17-Feb-2021
Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Approach for a Cost-Effective and Sustainable Energy System Considering Weight Assignment AnalysisKonneh, Keifa Vamba; Masrur, Hasan; Othman, Mohammad Lutfi; Takahashi, Hiroshi; Krishna, Narayanan; Senjyu, Tomonobu18-May-2021
A Comparative Design of a Campus Microgrid Considering a Multi-Scenario and Multi-Objective ApproachHuang, Yongyi; Masrur, Hasan; Shigenobu, Ryuto; Hemeida, Ashraf Mohamed; Mikhaylov, Alexey; Senjyu, Tomonobu21-May-2021

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