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Anisotropic s-d Exchange Interaction Normal State 1Matayoshi, Seitaro; Yara, Asao; 又吉, 清太郎; 屋良, 朝夫1-Mar-1972
Constant Coupling Approximations to Anisotropic Heisenberg ModelMatayoshi, Seitaro; Shinjo, Tsuneo; 又吉, 清太郎; 新城, 恒夫Mar-1979
Impusity Effect in SuperconductorYara, Asao; Matayoshi, Seitaro; 屋良, 朝夫; 又吉, 清太郎1-Apr-1971
On Anomalous Green Function Method of the s-d Exchange ModelYara, Asao; Matayoshi, Seitaro; 屋良, 朝夫; 又吉, 清太郎1-Mar-1973
On Random Phase and Callen Approximations to Ferromagnet with Anisotropic Exchange InteractionMatayoshi, Seitaro; 又吉, 清太郎Sep-1978
Two Band Models for Solids with an Ising ImpurityMatayoshi, Seitaro; 又吉, 清太郎1-Mar-1972

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