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Phylogeography of Cynops ensicauda (Amphibia: Caudata) as revealed by nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial DNATominaga, Atsushi; Ota, Hidetoshi; Matsui, Masafumi; 富永, 篤; 太田, 英利1-Mar-2008
日本産のイモリ科3種の比較系統地理学的研究富永, 篤; 松井, 正文; 林, 光武; 西川, 完途; 太田, 英利; 本多, 正尚; Tominaga, Atsushi; Matsui, Masafumi; Hayashi, Terutake; Nishikawa, Kanto; Ota, Hidetoshi; Honda, Masanao14-Mar-2009

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