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腹腔鏡下に切除した17歳小腸GISTの1例西垣, 大志; 金城, 達也; 伊禮, 靖苗; 小山, 寛文; 松本, 裕文; 西巻, 正; Nishigaki, Taishi; Kinjo, Tatsuya; Irei, Yasue; Koyama, Hirofumi; Matsumoto, Hirofumi; Nishimaki, Tadashi2017
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the oral floor : A case study and literature review of 50 cases of head and neck neoplasmNimura, Fumikazu; Nakasone, Toshiyuki; Matsumoto, Hirofumi; Maruyama, Tssho; Matayoshi, Akira; Maruyama, Nobuyuki; Yoshimi, Naoki; Arasaki, Akira; Nishihara, KazuhideMay-2018
Triple primary cancer of the head and neck, skin and prostate : A case report and literature reviewMaruyama, Nobuyuki; Nakasone, Toshiyuki; Arakaki, Osao; Matsumoto, Hirofumi; Maruyama, Tessho; Matayoshi, Akira; Goto, Takahiro; Saito, Seiichi; Yoshimi, Naoki; Arasaki, Akira; Nishihara, KazuhideOct-2018

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