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Geology and Paleontology of Yonaguni-jimaNohara, Tomohide; 野原, 朝秀1-Apr-1971
On the Occurrence of Fossil Deers from Kuniyoshi, Itoman-cho, Okinawa-jimaNohara, Tomohide; Oshiro, Isturo; 野原, 朝秀; 大城, 逸郎1-Mar-1972
Paleontological Notes on Few Brachiopods from Pliocene Naha LimestoneNohara, Tomohide30-Jun-1970
Paleontological Notes on Growth Series and Sexual Dimorphism of Some Mississippian Ostracodes from Utah, U.S.A.Nohara, Tomohide; 野原, 友秀Apr-1969
Recent Uotsuri Limestone of the Senkaku-rettoNohara, Tomohide; 野原, 朝秀1-Mar-1972
八重山群島・石西礁海域の貝形虫群集(予報)田吹, 亮一; 中野, 孝之; 野原, 朝秀; Tabuki, Ryoichi; Nakano, Takayuki; Nohara, TomohideNov-1987
沖縄・八重山群島の石西礁における現生貝形虫の生態学的・分類学的研究田吹, 亮一; 野原, 朝秀; Tabuki, Ryoichi; Nohara, TomohideApr-1992
沖縄県宮古島東方沖ピストンコア中の貝形虫について野原, 朝秀; 糸瀬, 英俊; 田吹, 亮一; Nohara, Tomohide; Itose, Hidetoshi; Tabuki, RyoichiMar-1988
私の化石事始め野原, 朝秀; Nohara, Tomohide31-Mar-2013

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