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Low-resistance phosphorus-doped Si films through blue laser diode annealingNoguchi, Takashi; Okada, Tatsuya2014
Ultra-high carrier mobility InSb film by rapid thermal annealing on glass substrateKoswaththage, Charith Jayanada; Okada, Tatsuya; Noguchi, Takashi; Taniguchi, Shinichi; Yoshitome, Shokichi1-Dec-2016
Appearance of the p-channel performance of poly-Si TFTs with a metal S/D electrode using BLDA aiming for low-cost CMOSAshitomi, Takuya; Harada, Taisei; Okada, Tatsuya; Noguchia, Takashi; Nishikatab, Osamu; Ota, Atsushi2017
Low-temperature poly-Si TFTs of metal source and drain using blue-laser-diode annealing (BLDA)Sugihara, Kouya; Shimoda, Kiyoharu; Okada, Tatsuya; Noguchib, Takashi2017
Low-temperature poly Si TFTs via BLDA for a Ne-sputtered Si film using sputtered gate SiO2Noguchi, Takashi; Okada, Tatsuya2018

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