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Hybrid Petri nets modeling for farm work flowGuan, Senlin; Nakamura, Morikazu; Shikanai, Takeshi; Okazaki, TakeoJul-2008
Resource assignment and scheduling based on a two-phase metaheuristic for cropping systemGuan, Senlin; Nakamura, Morikazu; Shikanai, Takeshi; Okazaki, TakeoMay-2009
Rule-based Assembly for Short-read Datasets Obtained with Multiple Assemblers and k-mer SizesOhshiro, Ayako; Afuso, Hitoshi; Okazaki, Takeo; Nakamura, Morikazu2017
A Study on data integration based on its structure and characters岡﨑, 威生; Okazaki, Takeo10-Sep-2014
学士プログラムの専門性を活かしたグローバル人材教育の実践事業を実施して岡﨑, 威生; Okazaki, TakeoDec-2017
能動的学習手段としての情報教育岡崎, 威生; Okazaki, TakeoDec-2017

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