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A Study of Politeness with Special Reference to Requests and OverpolitenessOnaha, Hiroko; 小那覇, ひろこDec-1991
Acquisition of English Grammatical Morphemes: A Case of a Local Employee on a U.S. Military Base in Okinawa, JapanOnaha, Hiroko; 小那覇, ひろこDec-1992
聴解能力における記憶のメカニズム小那覇, ひろこ; Onaha, HirokoDec-1994
英語の語彙学習における文脈の効果小那覇, ひろこ; Onaha, HirokoMar-2005
Phonological short-term memory and early foreign language readingOnaha, Hiroko; 小那覇, 洋子Oct-2010
外国語習得における記憶のメカニズムとワーキングメモリ小那覇, 洋子; Onaha, Hiroko31-Mar-2014

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