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Surface roughening in the growth of direct current or pulse current electrodeposited nickel thin filmsSaitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, W; Mori, M; Makabe, A; 斉藤, 正敏Dec-2001
Scaling behavior of polished (110) single-crystal nickel surfacesSaitou, Masatoshi; Hokama, M; Oshikawa, W28-Dec-2001
Novel process for electrodeposition of Bi2S3 thin filmsSaitou, Masatoshi; Yamaguchi, R; Oshikawa, W15-Jan-2002
Anomalous dimension in pitting corrosion of SUS304 in a NaCl solutionSaitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, W; Ishikawa, TJul-2002
Characterization of electrodeposited nickel film surfaces using atomic force microscopySaitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, W; Makabe, ASep-2002
Evaluation of crystalline germanium thin films electrodeposited on copper substrates from propylene glycol electrolyteSaitou, Masatoshi; Sakae, K; Oshikawa, W1-Jan-2003
Surface growth of Ni thin films electrodeposited on Ni(100) surfacesSaitou, Masatoshi; Hamaguchi, K; Oshikawa, W; 斉藤, 正敏Mar-2003
Amorphous structures and kinetics of phosphorous incorporation in electrodeposited Ni-P thin filmsSaitou, Masatoshi; Okudaira, Y; Oshikawa, W; 斉藤, 正敏Mar-2003

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