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Environmental DNA metabarcoding to detect pathogenic Leptospira and associated organisms in leptospirosis-endemic areas of JapanSato, Yukuto; Mizuyama, Masaru; Sato, Megumi; Minamoto, Toshifumi; Kimura, Ryosuke; Toma, Claudia25-Apr-2019
Evidence for frequency-dependent selection maintaining polymorphism in the Batesian mimic Papilio polytes in multiple islands in the Ryukyus, JapanTsurui, Kaori Sato; Sato, Yukuto; Kato, Emi; Katoh, Mitsuho; Kimura, Ryosuke; Tatsuta, Haruki; Tsuji, Kazuki29-May-2019
Understanding leptospirosis eco-epidemiology by environmental DNA metabarcoding of irrigation water from two agro-ecological regions of Sri LankaGamage, Chandika D.; Sato, Yukuto; Kimura, Ryosuke; Yamashiro, Tetsu; Toma, Claudia23-Jul-2020
Population genetic structure and evolution of Batesian mimicry in Papilio polytes from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, analyzed by genotyping‐by‐sequencingSato, Yukuto; Tsurui-Sato, Kaori; Katoh, Mitsuho; Kimura, Ryosuke; Tatsuta, Haruki; Tsuji, Kazuki24-Dec-2020

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