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Adsorption of diatomic molecules on iron tape-porphyrin : A comparative studyNguyen, Tien Quang; Escaño Mary, Clare Sison; Shimoji, Nobuaki9-May-2008
Spatial variability of correlated color temperature of lightning channelsShimoji, Nobuaki; Aoyama, Ryoma; Hasegawa, Wataru2016
Evaluation of the brightness of lightning channels and branches using the magnitude system : Application of astronomical photometryShimoji, Nobuaki; Kuninaka, Shouta; Izumi, Kana2017
Color analysis based on the color indices of lightning channels obtained from a digital photographShimoji, Nobuaki; Nakano, TakahiroDec-2019
Theoretical formulation and experimental validation of brightness evaluation using digital camerasShimoji, Nobuaki; Okizaki, MusashiJan-2021

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