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Morphological and molecular characterization of a new genus and new species of parazoanthid (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) associated with Japanese red coral (Paracorallium japonicum) in southern JapanReimer, James D.; Nonaka, Masanori; Sinniger, Frederic; Iwase, Fumihito1-Mar-2008
Discovery of the world's deepest populations of deep-sea zoanthids (Hexacorallia: Zoantharia: Abyssoanthidae) at the Japan TrenchReimer, James Davis; Sinniger, Frederic14-Mar-2009
Worldwide Analysis of Sedimentary DNA Reveals Major Gaps in Taxonomic Knowledge of Deep-Sea BenthosSinniger, Frederic; Pawlowski, Jan; Harii, Saki; Gooday, Andrew J.; Yamamoto, Hiroyuki; Chevaldonne, Pierre; Cedhagen, Tomas; Carvalho, Gary; Creer, Simon14-Jun-2016
Reproductive biology of the deep brooding coral Seriatopora hystrix : Implications for shallow reef recoveryPrasetia, Rian; Sinniger, Frederic; Hashizume, Kaito; Harii, Saki16-May-2017
Seriatopora Diversity Preserved in Upper Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in Southern JapanSinniger, Frederic; Prasetia, Rian; Yorifuji, Makiko; Bongaerts, Pim; Harii, Saki23-May-2017
Repetitive sex change in the stony coral Herpolitha limax across a wide geographic rangeEyal-Shaham, Lee; Eyal, Gal; Sakai, Kazuhiko; Nozawa, Yoko; Harii, Saki; Sinniger, Frederic; Bronstein, Omri; Ben-Zvi, Or; Shlesinger, Tom; Loya, Yossi27-Feb-2019
Demystifying Circalunar and Diel Rhythmicity in Acropora digitifera under Constant Dim LightRosenberg, Yael; Doniger, Tirza; Harii, Saki; Sinniger, Frederic; Levy, Oren20-Dec-2019

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