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UAV撮影画像の解析技術を活用した離島架橋のひび割れ点検に関する考察富山, 潤; 須田, 裕哉; 崎原, 康平; 山田, 義智; 堀口, 賢一; 岡部, 成行; Tomiyama, Jun; Suda, Yuya; Sakihara, Kohei; Yamada, Yoshitomo; Horiguchi, Kenichi; Okabe, Naruyuki2019
Horizontal end crack control and load-bearing capacity performance of hollow-type pretensioned girders through experimentally calibrated finite element modelsAasim, Bashir Ahmad; Karimi, Abdul Khaliq; Tomiyama, Jun; Suda, YuyaFeb-2021
Numerical study on the temporal changes of the principal stresses at the ends of the hollow PC-girders to control horizontal end cracksKarimi, Abdul Khaliq; Uchida, Ryota; Aasim, Bashir Ahmad; Tomiyama, Jun; Suda, Yuya7-May-2021

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