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The Scarlet Letter : Hester Prynne and Anne HutchinsonTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1988
On the Explicit Narrative Structure of Conrad's Lord JimTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Dec-1988
Virginia Woolf : In Search of a New RealityTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1990
Man and Women in D.H. LawrenceTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Nov-1991
Orwell and PoliticsTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1993
Historical Continuity and Discontinuity in The Mayor of CasterbridgeTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1996
On the Status of the Subject in Lukacs, Jameson, and FoucaultTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Dec-1996
主題的及び形式的側面からのIvanhoeの考察平良, 勝明; Taira, KatsuakiNov-1997
Michel de Certeauに関する一考察平良, 勝明; Taira, KatsuakiNov-1997
Adam Bede and the Ideology of MarriageTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1998
A Tale of Two Cities : Carlyle and DickensTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1998
The History of Henry Esmondの中の「歴史」について平良, 勝明; Taira, KatsuakiOct-1998
Henry Esmond の中の Reproduction (再生/複製) と Genealogy (系図/血統)平良, 勝明; Taira, KatsuakiOct-1998
On GrishamismTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1999
Why Grisham Now?Taira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-1999
The Internet and Its Related IssuesTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Oct-1999
The Internet and What It EntailsTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2000
Britishism in Robert GoddardTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2000
The Mystery of Robert GoddardTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2001
Shakespeare's Sonnet and Macromedia DirectorTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2001
On Non-linear Extra-lingual Communication and Its PossibilityTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2002
Textual Concepts and Their Conveyance through Digital MediaTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2002
Visualizing Literary TextTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2003
The Point of Intersection between Literature and Digital MediaTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2003
Interactive Window on LiteratureTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2004
Virginia Woolf ProgrammedTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2004
Edward Said : On the Isthmus between Politics and LiteratureTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2005
Alterity in Colonial DiscourseTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2005
Michel Foucault : A New Epistemological Dis-OrderTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2006
The Mind and the Physical World in Mrs. DallowayTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2006
Facticity, Music and Poetry of the Unconscious in UlyssesTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Jan-2007
Rhythm, Humor and Meta-Structure in UlyssesTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2007
Ulysses : What Runs Beneath, Beyond, and In Between?Taira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2008
Ulysses: A Site of Perpetual Significatory Generation and RegenerationTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2008
Bloom and His Imaginative ProwessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2009
The Sinuous Slippery Mind of the Imaginative Artificer-cum-Interpretative ConsciousnessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2009
Diversive Narrative Possibilities within the Presumppositional Gestalt of UlyssesTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2010
Mrs. Dalloway: A Refractive Window on ConsciousnessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2010
Narrative Disjunction and Its Diversion and ConversionTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2011
Mrs. Dalloway : Perspective Fluidity and Creative Obfuscation ThereofTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2011
Interactivational Significational Layers in Mrs. DallowayTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Mar-2012
Tunneling through the Minds of Narrative Personae in Mrs. DallowayTAIRA, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Jun-2012
Mrs. Dallowayにおける「時間」と「記憶」平良, 勝明; Taira, KatsuakiMar-2013
Meta-narrative Pursuit of a Parallel Consciousness in ActionTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Jul-2013
In Pursuit of Dithering and Differing Waves of Consciousness Homogenizing and CoalescingTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2014
Eternal Pulsation of the Chrono-spatiality and the Mindscape in Mrs. DallowayTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Aug-2014
The Self and Ramifications and Rippling Effects ThereofTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2015
Mind and Body in the Stream of ConsciousnessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2015
Journey through the Tunnels of ConsciousnessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2016
Flight of Imagination and Departure from the Stream of ConsciousnessTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Sep-2016
Fluid and Fixed Domain of the Real WorldTaira, Katsuaki; 平良, 勝明Feb-2017

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