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Bioactive marine metabolites from Okinawan waters -Compounds which inhibit the development of sea urchin embryos-Yokoyama, Hideaki; Margiastuti, Palupi; Ogi, Takayuki; Taira, Junsei; Ueda, Katsuhiro10-Mar-2007
New cytotoxic C11 cyclopentenones from Okinawan ascidians -why the ascidians have the C11 cyclopentenones in quantity?-Ogi, Takayuki; Margiastuti, Palupi; Rob, Tamanna; Taira, Junsei; Ueda, Katsuhiro10-Mar-2007
Bioactive Metabolites from Okinawan Marine OrganismsMaarisit, Wilmar; Ogi, Takayuki; Taira, Junsei; Ueda, Katsuhiro14-Mar-2009

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