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Energy Management System Optimization of Drug Store Electric Vehicles Charging Station OperationHuang, Yongyi; Yona, Atsushi; Takahashi, Hiroshi; Hemeida, Ashraf Mohamed; Mandal, Paras; Mikhaylov, Alexey; Senjyu, Tomonobu; Lotfy, Mohammed Elsayed30-May-2021
Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Approach for a Cost-Effective and Sustainable Energy System Considering Weight Assignment AnalysisKonneh, Keifa Vamba; Masrur, Hasan; Othman, Mohammad Lutfi; Takahashi, Hiroshi; Krishna, Narayanan; Senjyu, Tomonobu18-May-2021
Unbalanced Voltage Compensation with Optimal Voltage Controlled Regulators and Load Ratio Control TransformerNakadomari, Akito; Shigenobu, Ryuto; Kato, Takeyoshi; Krishnan, Narayanan; Hemeida, Ashraf Mohamed; Takahashi, Hiroshi; Senjyu, Tomonobu21-May-2021
ヤギの採食時生理諸元に及ぼす第一胃内への各種温度の水注入の影響(畜産学科)大城, 政一; 金城, 清; 高橋, 宏; Oshiro, Seiichi; Kinjo, Kiyoshi; Takahashi, Hiroshi1-Dec-1982
水牛, 牛および山羊の血液諸成分の比較(畜産学科)大城, 政一; 新城, 明久; 高橋, 宏; 古謝, 瑞幸; Oshiro, Seiichi; Shinjo, Akihisa; Takahashi, Hiroshi; Koja, Zuiko1-Dec-1978
水牛, 牛および山羊の血漿諸成分の比較(畜産学科)大城, 政一; 新城, 明久; 高橋, 宏; Oshiro, Seiichi; Shinjo, Akihisa; Takahashi, Hiroshi11-Dec-1979
沖縄肉用ヤギにおける在来型, 一般型およびザーネン種の血液諸成分の比較(畜産学科)大城, 政一; 新城, 明久; 高橋, 宏; Oshiro, Seiichi; Shinjo, Akihisa; Takahashi, Hiroshi29-Nov-1980
非採食時ヤギ第一胃内への各種温度の水注入による生理諸元の変動(畜産学科)大城, 政一; 高橋, 宏; Oshiro, Seiichi; Takahashi, Hiroshi30-Nov-1981

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