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Production of a high level of specific IgG4 antibody associated with resistance to albendazole treatment in HLA-DRBI*0901-positive patients with strongyloidiasisSatoh, Masao; Toma, Hiromu; Sato, Yoshiya; Kikuchi, Mihoko; Takara, Masahiro; Shiroma, Yoshiyuki; Kiyuna, Susumu; Hirayama, KenjiOct-1999
EPIDEMIOLOGICAL FEATURES OF STRONGYLOIDES INFECTION IN OKINAWA, JAPAN : COMPARATIVE STUDY WITH OTHER ENDEMIC AREASKobayashi, Jun; Sato, Yoshiya; Toma, Hiromu; Shimabukuro, Isao; Tasaki, Tsutomu; Takara, Masahiro; Shiroma, Yoshiyuki15-Mar-2000

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