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The water holding and soil conserving capacity of pine and broad-leaved mixed forests in the middle and upper reaches of the Changjiang RiverShe, Jiyun; Chen, Caihong; Shinzato, Takakazu; Takashima, Atsushi; Wu, Lichao; 佘, 済雲; 陳, 彩虹; 新里, 孝和; 高橋, 敦史; 呉, 立潮Dec-2007
農学部附属亜熱帯フィールド科学教育研究センターの研究活動波平, 知之; 陳, 碧霞; モハメドアムザド, ホサイン; 赤嶺, 光; 高嶋, 敦史; Namihira, Tomoyuki; Chen, Bixia; Mohammad Amzad, Hossain; Akamine, Hikaru; Takashima, Atsushi31-Dec-2019

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