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PROJECT UKWANSHlN 2007 ハワイと沖縄,そして,過去と今をつなぐ文化実践Projectの試み ―Identity 「琉球之子」 Children of Loochoo―和多, エリック; 金城, ノーマン; 赤嶺, ゆかり; 上原, こずえ; Wada, Eric; Kaneshiro, Norman; Akamine, Yukari; Uehara, KozueFeb-2008
Contesting the “Invention of Tradition” Discourse in the Pacific Context: -Significance of “Culture” in the Kin Bay Struggle in Okinawa and the Kaho‘olawe Movement in Hawai‘i-Uehara, Kozue; 上原, こずえMar-2009

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