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Effect of Ionic Strength on the Absorbance in Aluminum-Tiron ComplexVuai, Said Ali; Yonashiro, Mariko; Tokuyama, Akira; 渡久山, 章Sep-2000
Particle size distribution, minerals and chemical composition of red soils from silicate rock area of Central OkinawaVuai, Said Ali; Tokuyama, Akira; Tokashiki, Yoshihiro; Shimo, Moritaka; 渡久山, 章; 渡嘉敷, 義浩Mar-2001
Impacts of acidic red soil on pH and aluminum under the soil-seawater interacting environmentKombo, Mohamed M.; Vuai, Said Ali; Tokuyama, Akira; 渡久山, 章Mar-2003
Forest soil fertility in Okinawa Island, subtropical region in JapanBakari, Said Suleiman; Vuai, Said Ali; Tokuyama, Akira; 渡久山, 章Sep-2004

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