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Incorporation of branched-chain fatty acid into cellular lipids and caspase-independent apoptosis in human breast cancer cell line, SKBR-3.Wongtangtintharn, Sawitree; Oku, Hirosuke; Iwasaki, Hironori; Inafuku, Masashi; Toda, Takayoshi; Yanagita, Teruyoshi23-Nov-2005
乳がん細胞への細胞毒性に及ぼす脂肪酸の炭素鎖構造の影響Wongtangtintharn, Sawitree; 屋, 宏典; 稲福, 征志; 岩崎, 公典; 戸田, 隆義; Wongtangtintharn, Sawitree; Oku, Hirosuke; Inafuku, Masashi; Iwasaki, Hironori; Toda, Takayoshi10-Dec-2009

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