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High tolerance of symbiotic larvae of Pocillopora damicornis to thermal stressHaryanti, Dwi; Yasuda, Naoko; Harii, Saki; Hidaka, Michio24-Jul-2015
Onset and flexibility of symbiosis and effect of symbiotic dinoflagellate on energy source in scleractinian coral larvaeHarii, Saki; Yasuda, Naoko; Rodriguez-Lanetty, Mauricio; Hidaka, Michio; 波利井, 佐紀; 日高, 道雄1-Mar-2008
造礁サンゴの病気の細胞学的特性と免疫応答細胞の同定安田, 直子; 日高, 道雄; Yasuda, Naoko; Hidaka, Michio14-Mar-2009

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