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Discourse Analysis : Egalitarian and Asymmetrical DataYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子1-Oct-1992
On Kindergartners' Show & Tell Session : Teacher's Question, Repetitions, & ScaffoldingYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Dec-1993
On Sex-Differentiated Language Usage in the United StatesYogi, Minako; 与儀, 峰奈子Dec-1994
My Second Hometown-East LansingYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子4-Jun-1999
MSU TESOL Program, Teaching Practicum, and Graduate Teaching AssistantYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子4-Jun-1999
An Analysis of the Phonological and Syntactic Features of African-American Vernacular EnglishYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Sep-2000
A Note on Native English Speaking and ESL Children's Language DevelopmentYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Sep-2000
A Note on Junior High School English Textbooks with Special Reference to the Vocabularies Corresponding to English LoanwordsYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Mar-2001
Gestures in Classroom Discourse : First Grade Safety Rule LessonYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Mar-2001
Conversational Analysis : Data From Native and Non-Native Speakers of EnglishYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Mar-2001
Nonverbal Communication : Teachers' Use of Gestures in the ClassroomsYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Mar-2002
小学校英語教育におけるCAI教材の開発と活用與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, MinakoOct-2003
大学と地域の連携 : 琉球大学教育学部英語科の小学校における英語教育への取り組み與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, MinakoDec-2003
第5章 会話分析與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, Minako25-Dec-2003
参画教育と英語教員養成 : 小学校英語実践授業を通して與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, MinakoFeb-2004
ICT遠隔交流を通した国際理解與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, MinakoFeb-2009
Utilizing ICT Videoconferencing for Pre-service English Teacher Training and Cultural LearningYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子Oct-2012
Developing Language and Teaching Skills through Videoconferencing and Collaborative Projects : A Case Study of English Teacher Training Programs in JapanYogi, Minako; 與儀, 峰奈子2013
The Antithetical Rubrics: 市民性のためのコンピテンシー育成の評価を目指して與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, Minako31-Mar-2018
シンクロ型遠隔交流を活用した英語教育・国際理解教育與儀, 峰奈子; Yogi, Minako31-Mar-2020

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