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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
VP Coordination and Tense Feature Checking in English and JapaneseYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Mar-1998
On the VP-Internal Subject Hypothesis in JapaneseYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Mar-1999
On the Distribution of the Periphrastic Auxiliary do in English : A Minimalist AccountYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Mar-2000
A Note on a PSG Account of the Tough-construction in JapaneseYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Mar-2001
A Review of the History of Constraints in the Pre-Minimalist Transformational Generative GrammarYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Oct-2001
Optimality Theory and Rule-Based Phonology : A Comparison through the Analyses of Lardil and Modern HebrewYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖Mar-2002
いい授業・いい教師 : マンネリズムを打破するために吉本, 靖; Yoshimoto, YasushiDec-2011
On the Rescuing of Positive Polarity Items in JapaneseYoshimoto, Yasushi; 吉本, 靖31-Mar-2014
英文法教育と生成文法 : 疑問詞・関係詞を含む複文をめぐって吉本, 靖; Yoshimoto, Yasushi15-Mar-2017

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